OZ ROYAL Higashi Omiya

Features of OZ ROYAL Higashi Omiya

An apartment includes shower room, lavatory and kitchen for private use. There is privacy. Home appliances and furniture are not furnished. A tenant needs to have own ones. Laundromat is in the neighborhood. Utilities to be paid is electric charges only. Electricity and internet contract will be supported by school or the management company.
An apartment can be occupied by up to two people with additional rent of JPY 5,000.

※ Rent for short-term stay (within 6 months): additional JPY3,000


Room size  14m²
Sound insulation High
Living room
Washing machine ×
Dryer ×
Vacuum cleaner ×
Air conditioner
TV ×
Internet access Self-contract
Trash disposal Self
Contract Individual
Guarantor Not required

Initial cost

Insurance 20,000yen
Entrance fee 35,000yen
Rent 1 person/room 53,800/55,800yen
2 persons/room 29,400/30,400yen
Total 56,900〜110,800yen

Monthly cost

Utility fee Actual expenses (6,000 or so)
Whole monthly cost About 72,000yen


Nearest station Higashi Omiya
5 min. walk
Time to school Approx. 30min.
Transportation Train+on foot
Transportation cost 5,670yen

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