Dormy Higashi Omiya

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Features of dormy Higashi Omiya

Dormy Higashi Omiya is a dormitory with meals and furnished rooms for men.
・Daily breakfast and dinner (mainly Japanese home-style dish) is available except on Sunday, national holidays, and the fifth Saturday and during summer and winter vacation.
・Every room is furnished with a bed, a desk, a chair, air conditioner, telephone, a bookshelf, a closet, internet, etc.
・The dormitory has a shared dining room, bathroom, laundry, lavatory, etc.
・Caretakers who are a couple live in the dormitory to support residents’ daily life and to take care of their health care and security management.
※You will meet students from Japan and other countries and enjoy a cultural exchange.

※In case of a short-term stay (within 90 days), the initial costs are not required and monthly rent is JPY75,000.


Room size  11.1m²
Sound insulation High
Kitchen Shared
Living room Shared
Lavatory Shared
Bath・Shower Shared
Washing machine Shared(Free)
Dryer Shared(100yen/30min.)
Vacuum cleaner Shared
Bedding Lease(6,000yen/mo., 24,000yen/yr.)
Air conditioner
Refrigerator ×
TV ×
Internet access Free
Cleaning Service
Trash disposal Caretaker
Contract Individual
Guarantor Not required

Initial cost

Deposit Not required
Entrance fee 53,000yen
Renovation fee 15,000yen
Building maintenance costs 3,000yen
Rent 53,000yen
Total 124,000yen

Monthly cost

Utility fee 5,250
Whole monthly cost 63,920yen


Nearest station Higashi Omiya
11 min. walk
Time to school Approx. 27min.
Transportation Train+on foot
Transportation cost 5,670yen

Contact us!

We have multilingual staffs.
You can correspond with us in English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai etc.
Please apply here! Contact us here!