Extra curricular activities - Located in Saitama city, Suburbs of Tokyo.

Extra curricular activities

Shall we cultivate friendship with your classmates, interact with Japanese and enjoy significant experience that you can only have in Japan!
Our school holds a wide variety of activities to deepen understanding of Japan (You can participate most of them arbitrarily. Some are charged events.).
One of the charms of Japan is, there are traditional events based on each local area in each season. The view of fields and mountains changes in each season.
Not spending your time without any attention to the changing of four seasons, but focusing the traditional events of each season, your local area, and the local history, You can know the way of thinking of Japanese and culture.

Fortunately, our school is located in front of a historical big shrine. So you can face traditional events just around you. In addition, Saitama city which our school is located in is quite active area for international exchange. The opportunity to interact with Japanese is a lot.