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Here we will introduce an atmosphere of Yono Gakuin’s events and impressions of students who participated in them. We will be glad if you like it and learn more about our school.

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Ski Jan. 18, 2019

I and other students went skiing. Since it wasn’t easy to come to Japan, I wanted to try a famous sport of the winter in Japan. I went to the Omiya station and it took us about 3 hours to get to the ski area. Everybody was very excited because it was the first time for almost all students. The weather was very good and sunny, so snow was glittering and it was so beautiful!

We don’t learn only Japanese language in our school, but also other things about life in Japan. This time teachers taught us how to ski. Thanks to the teachers I can ski now and it was a great experience!

When I was looking at my classmates who tried to ski, I dearly recalled the time when I was a child. It looked same with my attempts to ride a bicycle. I fell many times, hit the surrounding objects and even got injured. It was so scary to ride a bicycle and I started thinking about giving it up. But every time I was seeing somebody riding it, I felt that I want to continue. Finally, after one week I could ride a bicycle. I was so happy when I was able to naturally ride from the top of slope!

What about you? Could you tell me your story if you’ve ever skied? If you haven’t, I definitely recommend you to try it! Ski is very interesting!

About extracurricular activities

Hello! I came to study abroad at Saitama prefecture, just because prices were lower comparing to other regions. And I wasn’t interested in extracurricular activities at all.
But I realized that there are a lot of events which are worthy to participate in. For example, they are rice planting, tea ceremony experience, wearing kimono experience, climbing Mountain Fuji, travelling to the Fuji-Q Highland, sports day and ski trip that we had recently.
I haven’t participated in many extracurricular activities, but every time I looked at photos which were put on the wall after activities, I thought: “It is such a waste that I wasn’t there.”
Of course, I’ve participated in some events! I went for ski and went to Fuji-Q Highland and sports day.
First, I would like to tell about a bus trip to the Fuji-Q Highland. When are we going? How much does it cost? How are we going there? There are a lot of worries, however, it was very easy. We went there at the end of the July, and unexpectedly weather was very good. We went there by bus and played different games during travelling and teachers made us laugh a lot, so time went very fast before we got to the destination. For those who didn’t want to ride a roller coaster it was OK to pay only entrance fee.
Next, I would like to tell about sports day. The atmosphere was same as the one I have seen in anime! I don’t know if school will do the same activities during sports day, but this time we had: three-legged race, obstacle race with eating bread (you have to run while eating bread), running while holding a ball on the sheet of paper and so on. There is no that many sports I can do, but it was so funny just seeing everybody. I’m glad that I participated in sports day, because I had a great experience!

If you are not sure if it is worthy to study at Yono Gakuin, listen to my advice – you won’t regret about choosing this school. Just come here and have a lot of good experience and a fun!

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