Support for your preparation to enter higher school - Located in Saitama city, Suburbs of Tokyo.

Support for your preparation to enter higher school

Support system for your preparation to enter higher school at Yono-gakuin

Each classroom teacher under control of career guidance counselor supports students face to face. For example, we support their self analysis, give you advice to choose appropriate school, check their application documents to prevent failure due to flawed documents, and teach more effective writing. In addition, we conduct mock interview.

Support by class teacher

 School schedule     Guidance to go to university or vocational school. Guidance to go to university or vocational school.
EJU (1st session)
JLPT (1st session)     Guidance to take interview EJU (2nd session) JLPT (2nd session)    
Support for self analysis     Support for self analysis          
Counseling to choose school         Counseling to choose school      
Check application documents               Check application documents
Mock interview               Mock interview

Affiliated schools for admission on recommendation


Meikai universityThis university has unique and characteristic faculty such as real estate sciences, hospitality and tourism management. It also has Japanese language department. So it quite suits for those who deeply want to study Japanese language.


Shobi universityThis university has faculty related music and film.


Bunri university of hospitalityThis university focuses management which related service business such as restaurant, travel agency, hotel. So if you are interested in the management of these field, it is quite suitable.

Daito Bunka University、Toyo University、 Institute of Technologists、Seigakuin University、Kanto Industrial College、Urawa Vocation School、CAD Seizu College、Tokyo International Business College、Tokyo Communication Arts College、Tokyo School of Music、Tokyo School of Music Shibuya、Tokyo Film Center School Of Arts、Tokyo Dance & Actors School、Tokyo Design Technology Center、etc.



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