Kamiochiai dormitory (Economy) - Located in Saitama city, Suburbs of Tokyo.

Kamiochiai dormitory (Economy)

  • お風呂
  • トイレ
  • ランドリーコーナー
  • 居室1F
  • 居室2F
  • 全景

Features of Kamiochiai dormitory

A sharing dormitory- shower room, lavatory(2), kitchen, laundry, etc. are shared with 8 residents. Garbage disposal and lavatory and shower room cleaning service is available to maintain a common space clean. (This service may not be available depending on the number of residents.) The dormitory is close to the train station as well as school – very convenient.


Room size  7.3m²,8.1m²,9.7m²
Sound insulation Normal
Kitchen Shared
Living room Shared
Lavatory Shared
Bath・Shower Shared
Washing machine Shared
Dryer ×
Vacuum cleaner Shared
Air conditioner
TV ×
Internet access ×
Cleaning Weekly service
Trash disposal Service

Initial cost

Deposit 20,000yen
Entrance fee 40,000yen
rent 23,000yen×3 months
Total 129,000yen

Monthly cost

Utility fee 5,000yen or so
Whole monthly cost 28,000yen or so


Nearest station Kita-yono Station 5 min.
Time to school Approx. 12min.
Transportation on foot
Transportation cost 0yen


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