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Look for your room by yourself

In case you look for your room by yourself

Monthly rent of a studio apartment around school is over JPY40,000. If you want to make a cotract to rent a room for yourself, you have to live in your friend’s room or in any other type of accommodation for days or weeks because a contract is possible only after your arrival to Japan.

A fully-furnished room is not common. So you have to get required furniture by your self. When a contract is made, key money, deposit, commission for a real estate agency are needed to be paid. 
Please note that,monthly utility fees and internet fee are added to your monthly rent. 

We recommend is that your share a 2DK or 3DK apartment with new friends. There are some affordable apartments near school. For example, an apartment (25 ㎡) whose monthly rent is JPY43,000 is located at a walking distance to school as well as Omiya station (15 min. walk).

Cautions when you look for a room

Please note that there are peculiar customs when you rent a room in Japan.
Besides monthly rent, you have to pay maintenance fee every month. The fee is JPY2,000~5000 per month. You should include the maintanance fee in a budget of monthly payment of accomodation.
When you sign an agreement, you need deposit (1~2 months of rent), key money (1~2 months of rent), agent’s comission (0.5~1 month of rent), fire insurance (JPY10,000~20,000), guarantee comission (40%~1 month of rent). For example, when you decide to rent a room whose rent is JPY40,000, you will need JPY130,000~260,000 as an initial payment. Furtheremore, you have to buy furniture by yourself. Renting a room comparatively costs a great amount of money.
Period of rental agreement is generally 2 years. When you renew your agreement, you have to pay renewal fee (1 month of rent).
When you leave a room, repairing cost is charged as a cost to restore the room to original condition. For example, if you make a hole on the wall or break something in the room, make your room dirty, repairing cost will be higher. So you have to use a room in a cautious manner.

Recommended way to look for a room

As mentioned above, It is very difficult for a foreigner to find a room in Japan. So we affiliates with a real estate agency whose staff can speak English, Chinese and Korean. We support you find a room with low costs and a simple procedure.







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