ENVIRONMENT - Located in Saitama city, Suburbs of Tokyo.


The tradition of Shrine town charms you up.

There is “Hikawa shrine” which has 2400 years of history near our school. It is one of Japan’s most famous shrine. You can enjoy feeling Japanese tradition in all season. For example, “Hatsumode”, which is the traditional Japanese custom to visit to a shrine at the beginning of new year. “Setsubun” which is event to beat off unluck by throwing bean to Demon. “Chinowa kuguri” which is the event to protect you from illness by passing luck circle. Summer festival. “Shichigosan” which is a traditional event to celebrate children’s growth and pray for their future well-being. And at the “Tokamachi”, you can enjoy over 1000 street stalls. Furthermore, if you visit the shrine at the weekend, you can see traditional style wedding ceremony. There is a long shrine’s approach over 2 km near our school. Walking on this approach, you can get energy to try harder from holy street.

Enjoy urban hustle and bustle

Going close to the station, there are many streets which has reastrants, pub and so on. So there are lots of opportunities to get a part time job. Furthermore, there is “Arche” building which has shops to be selling lots of cheap and fashionable cloths and goods.

Relax in Saitama-shintoshin

Saitama-shintoshin is constructed Saitama-super arena which concert or sports events are held in, and Cinema, commercial complex. The town is designed in well balanced. “Keyaki” square provides relaxing atomospere in urban space.

Be healed through scenery of street to a school

Because our school is a little away from Tokyo central area, there is residential area around school except around the station. So most of students go to school by bicycle. The landscape if residential area heals your heart which is tired by study or part time job.





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