Lessons in Yono-gakuin - Located in Saitama city, Suburbs of Tokyo.

Lessons in Yono-gakuin

Efficient lessons which won’t make you feel sleepy or even awaken you.

・Clarifying activities should be done in classroom or on the students’ own. We are increasing the ratio of speaking and listening skills.
・The lesson progress is kept constantly, so you can reach the level of target if you can catch up with the lessons.
・The flow of preview⇒lesson⇒homework+review⇒review in the lesson⇒the test radicates the knowledge inside of you.
・Our school has 4 lessons each day, and we change teachers every 2 lessons in order to keep the progress of lessons and to make you not feel tired.
・The class teachers have lessons more than 4 times a week so that they can take care of the students’ study and their life finely.

Tutoring Kanji

There is a tutoring lesson of Kanji for those who are from non-kanji-using country to increase their writing skill well-balanced with the others. As a result, there is no wasted time for students from kanji-using countries in the class. They can enjoy the merit of multinational environment.

Home study is totally arranged by homework

You cannot get your Japanese skill good well enough if you study at school. The growth of your Japanese skill depends on how you study autonomous and efficiently outside the class. In our school, we ask beginner students to use applications to study vocabularies and kanji for intermediate students,we give homework exercise worth 8 books per year.

Innovating a variety of techniques that will take advantage of the results of Japanese education studies.

Our school has been introducing in methods such as shadowing and extensive reading which effect have been demonstrated in language pedagogy.

It is also different before you come to Japan.

In general, it takes about 4 months to get the certificate of eligibility. In order to be more able to learn effective after entering Japan, we will check your Japanese level regularly to point out student’s weaknesses and show them methods to learn by themselves. As a result, the Japanese level when the students come to japan become higher and more well-balanced.

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You can correspond with us in English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai etc.
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