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How to ride a train

Railway lines and subway lines of central of Tokyo are like mesh net. Therefore, if you can use them well, it will be very useful. The bus lines are a little bit difficult more than railway lines. Way of Payment of bus fare is simple. So the bus is also convenient if you used to it.

SUICA・PASMO are convenient!

When you ride public transportation, Suica and Pasimo are convenient. Those are pre-paid rail pass which can be used in common for railway, subway, and bus.You can buy therse by vending machine or ticket window at the station . Transfer among JR line, subway line, and private railway line is smoother by using this pass. SUICA is a prepaid rail pass issued by JR. PASMO is a prepaid pass issued by private railway. When you use them in a metropolitan area, you can use them in the same way.

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If you stay longer than 1 month, Suica commuter pass or Pasmo commuter pass are comvenient. These have functions for parepaid card and commuter pass. If you use commuter pass outside of normal section, it will be adjusting the fee automatically.

If you would like to know about commuter pass fee, Fare serch by →Yahoo Japanis convenient.(It’s supported only in Japanese.)

How to buy a ticket

1. Please check the fare to your destination by rail road map at the station.
2. Push the fare in vending machine.
3. Put cash or Suica, Pasmo in a machine.
4. The ticket will come out.

How to go through a ticket gate

1. Insert a ticket to a slit of front side.
 (You need to touch SUICA, PASMO to read out sensor when you use them. For detail-SUICAPASMO
2.A ticket come out from the slit of just ahead.
3.Take the ticket and pass through the gate.

Route map of Metropolitan area

Train map of Metropolitan area (JR line, private railway line and subway)
Suburbs of Tokyo JR line map
Tokyo subway map

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