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Internet condition in Japan

In Japan, a fiber optic broadband service are in widespread use. But recently high speed mobile communication service is getting become common. You can use Wi-Fi in some public places, but most of them are a pay service(Ex.380yen/month、basically by cresit card).

Where can you access to internet?

■Internet cafe(Open 24 hours, 100-300yen/hour)
■ Some of school dormitory, Guest house, Shared house(Only internet access is served. it is necessary to bring your own computer, mobile phone.)

How to establish an account with an Internet service provider

If you don’t live in school dormitory and rent a house by yourself, you have to establish an account with an internet service provider by yourself.
Fiber broadband(100M:4,500-6,000yen/month) have to go through a complicated rigmarole. So we recommend you a high speed mobile communication service(WIMAX(40M:3,880yen/Month)or E-mobile(42M:3,880yen/month)etc.) which can use at the same time of contract.

Foreigners who don’t have credit card cannot contract with this service. So you should bring your credit card when you come to Japan. Furthermore, there are rent room (Ex. Leopalace) where are equipped with internet access.

Caution! Don’t forget transform plug!

Please bring the transform plug with your PC. The electric voltage in Japan is 100V. Please check whether your AC adapter can be use.

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