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Residence card and National health insurance

The first things you need after coming to Japan. Follow the procedure immediately.

Residence card

residence card is issued for non-Japanese nationals staying in Japan with visa (except Temporary Visitor status and within 90 days of residence term) at the airport.

During your stay in Japan, you need to have your residence card with you at all times.
When you decide your address in Japan, you need to go to the municipal office in your area within 14 days to notify them of your address.
Ex.1:Saitama city — ward office
Ex.2:Kawaguchi-shi, Saitama-ken—Kawaguchi CIty Hall

National health insurance

After your address is registered, you should make an application at the National Health Insurance section of the municipal office in your area of residency.

Necessary documents are as follows.
1.Residence card
2.National Health Insurance insured person application form (You can get it at Yono-gakuin.)
3.The tax returned form (If you submit it, insurance tax can become cheaper.)
The fee for the National Health Insurance differs according to your area of residency. In case of the Saitama city for the first year is about 1,000yen per month.
From 2nd year, the fee is determined according to your previous annual income. After you apply the National Health Insurance, the office sends you the payment notification. You have to pay the insurance tax at the bank or post office.

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