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Mobile phone

There are 3 major cell-phone companies in Japan. NTT Docomo, AU, and Softbank. NTT Docomo coveres the largest area. But the cost is high. When you make a contract of mobile phone after you come to Japan, if you buy mobile phone through these cell-phone companies, it may be cheaper than usual. If you bring your mobile phone, it is cheaper to make only a contract of SIM card.

How to buy mobile phone

The necessary documents are as follows.

1、Student card
2、National Health Insurance card
3、Passbook and your name seal(If you register your signature instead of your name seal when you open your bank account at the Japan post bank, it is not necessary.)
When our school has new student orientation, cell-phone company’s staffs who speak English, Chinese, and Vietnamese etc. will come to school to explain about goods and sale. If your Japanese level is not so high, you can buy it with an easy mind.

※If your resident status is “temporally visitor”, you can not buy mobile-phone in Japan. Please use a international roaming service or buy SIM card for traveler.

Initial cost

Contract fee:about 3,000yen
The price of cell-phone:about 1000~120,000yen
Sometimes you are payable on an installment for 24 months.

Monthly cost

The general monthly cost is about 6,000yen to 8,000 yen for our school’s students.
But if you only make a contract of SIM card, it costs only about 4,000 yen/month.

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