Resident status holder

Japanese course for who lives in Japan

Those who have long-term resident visa, dependent visa or those who are Spouse or Child of Japanese National visa holder can take the course on a monthly basis. Students will be able to take daily conversation about half a year.

Procedures and necessary documents

To apply for admission, please send the application form by mail or e-mail, or come to our school directly
Download application documents here

Starting day

Anytime ※However in case of studying from “Hiragana”or “Katakana”(so-called completely beginner), the course starts from April, July, October. Furthermore, In the event that suitable class level is unavailable or the class reaches maximum enrollment, entrance may be delayed or denied.Only those who will continue their study for 2 months and more can apply.

Lesson schedule

Monday to Friday Morning class(9:00~12:30)
or Afternoon class(13:30~17:00)
※Students have long vacation in summer, winter, and spring.

Necessary documents

1.Application form
2.Written pledge
3.Copy of passport and residence card
4.Document that can confirm the guarantor’s identification (Copy of the health insurance card etc.)
5.4 photoes(4cm×3cm)
6.Certificate of chest x-ray examination
※ In case of passing over 1 year from your entrance, you have to take a group health examination.
7.Transcript of high school


1. Contact the Japanese Embassy
2. Get a visa
3. Send the documents to Yono-gakuin
4. Investigation
5. Insurance of letter of acceptance
6. Tuition payment

School expenses (2019)

At the application, please pay entrance fee and tuition fees for the first 2 months. You will start a monthly payment for the 3rd month. The due for monthly payment is the end of the previous month.

Entrance fee:10,000 yen.

Tuition fee

April May June July August September
49,000 Yen 52,000 Yen 52,000 Yen 52,000 Yen 28,000 Yen
34,000 Yen※1
52,000 Yen
October November December January February March
52,000 Yen 52,000 Yen 43,000 Yen 52,000 Yen 52,000 Yen 40,000 Yen
6,100 Yen※2

※1 If you study in the beginner’s class which starts in July, the tuition fee for Aug. is 34,000 Yen.
※2 If you study in the class which completes in March, the tuition fee for March is 6,100 Yen.
※ We will charge you for one month if you have attended for even only one day
※ We are not going to refund if the lesson is forced interrupted due to natural disaster

Material fee and Extra-curricular activities expense

Material fee: actual expenses
Extra-curricular activities expense: actual cost (entry is optional)

Withdrawal and re-entrance

1. Please note that you might be asked to leave the school if your achievement does not reach the class level or you are unmotivated
2. If you stop attending school for a personal reason (e.g. returning home country temporarily, etc.), it will be considered as “leaving school”. Re-entrance application can be rejected if the classroom is full or no suitable class is available.

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You can correspond with us in English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai etc.
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