Long term (over 6 months) - Located in Saitama city, Suburbs of Tokyo.

Long term (over 6 months)

Long term course of Yono-gakuin

The long term course of yono-gakuin will improve your Japanese in a well balance in order to get JLPT N1/N2, going on to a postgraduate school, university or vocational college, or even to be hired by Japanese companies. Also this course will deepen your understanding of Japanese culture through communication with Japanese people, seasonal event and extracurricular activities at the same time.

About getting a visa

To apply certificate of eligibility is necessary to obtain visa. Please note that the period of submission is extremely short.

 Submit application form・resume・copy of the diploma
Check your entrance qualification
Submit application documents by The end of Oct. The end of Feb. The end of Apr.
Selection by the school   
Payment of selection fee   
School applies for a certificate of eligibility at The end of Nov. The end of Mar. The end of May
Transfer of school expenses・Receive the eligibility at Late Feb. Late May Late Aug.
Apply to Japan embassy for a visa   
Get a visa・Go to Japan The end of Mar. The end of Jun. The end of Sep.
Entrance Apr. course Jul. course Oct. course

Switch from a tourist visa to a student visa

As a general rule, it is impossible to change from a tourist visa to a student visa inside Japan (as of Feb. 2019)
Those who have applied for certificate of eligibility of a student visa at our school and entered Japan by a tourist visa will be necessary to go back to their home town in order to apply for student visa.

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We have multilingual staffs.
You can correspond with us in English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai etc.
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