For pre-college students from Indonesia, Philippines etc. - Located in Saitama city, Suburbs of Tokyo.

For pre-college students from Indonesia, Philippines etc.

Entrance guide

To apply for admission please send the application form by mail or e-mail, or come to our school directly
Download the application documents here


All of our courses finish in March.

1 APR. 2 years OCTOBER 15
1 JUL. 1 year and 9 months FEBRUARY 10
1 OCT. 1 year and 6 months APRIL 30


①Those who have received 12 years of school education as a general rule
②Those who have passed or are expected to pass JLPT, J.TEST or NAT-TEST
③Those who can live in a school dormitory or a place near the school after entering Japan
④Those who graduated from high school last Under 23 years old
Those who graduated from university Under 27 years old


①Submission of Important Points Explanation. Submission of application documents.
②Selection by the school.
If passing the selection, an applicant transfers ¥20,000- to school’s bank account.
③School apply for Certificate of Eligibility to the immigration bureau.
④School inform an applicant of the result.
⑤If Certificate of Eligibility is granted, an applicant transfers the first payment to school’s bank account. An applicant should submit the Pledge to school.
⑥School send an applicant documents required to apply for visa (Certificate of Eligibility, etc.).
⑦An applicant applies for visa at Japan Embassy or Consulate.
⑧Get visa. Fly to Japan.


※All documents are valid for 3 months.

①Application form

②Personal Records

③8 photos (4cm × 3cm)

④Copy of passport and ID (an applicant and a remitter)

⑤Diploma and transcript of the last school

⑥Certificate of the period of time spent studying Japanese (more than 150 hours)

⑦Certificate of Japanese language exam or admission ticket (if a student is going to take these exams) for an exam qualified by Immigration Bureau such as JLPT, J.TEST

⑧Certificates of chest x-ray examination 

⑨Letter of Paying Expenses prepared by a financial sponsor

⑩Certificate of relationship between an applicant and a financial sponsor (e.g. Birth Certificate)

⑪Certificate of bank balance under a financial sponsor’s name

⑫Copy of bankbook or document which prove flow of funds for the last 1 year or more of a financial sponsor

⑬Certificate of income (salary and bonus) for the last 1 year of a financial sponsor

If a student’s expenses will be paid by someone living in Japan: Tax declaration certificate with annual income (for the last 1 year)



Selection fee 20,000 yen ※Once remitted, the payment is not refundable.


First Payment(Yen)

  2 year course 1.75year course 1.5year course

Entrance fee


Tuition fee



Expense for medical checkup


Student Mutual Aid Premium





Second Payment(Yen)

  2 year course 1.75year course 1.5year course

Entrance fee

Tuition fee







Expense for medical checkup

Student Mutual Aid Premium











※Student Mutual Aid Premium for 9 months is not available. One year premium is applied, instead.


Dormitory fee, airport pickup fee, charge for a certificate issue and extracurricular fee


Initial expenses
Entrance fee 40,000
Deposit 20,000
Rent 75,000~180,000
(for 3 months)
Utility fee Actual expenses
Subtotal 135,000~240,000
Monthly expenses
Rent 25,000~60,000
Utility Fee Actual expenses

・Accessible by bicycle, Furniture and electric appliances are furnished, Cleaning service in a common space available, Single bedroom/Room for 2-3 persons
・If you stay in a dormitory for more than 3 months, you need to pay rent for the 4th month and after every month (22,000~55,000 yen/month).
・Initial expense is calculated based on rent of the available dormitory at that time and charged to a student. If the rent is different from the one that a student actually enters, the balance is refunded to a student within one month after entering a dormitory.
・When our school dormitory is full, affiliated Share House can be arranged with advance notice and detailed information. School determine allocation of students to school dormitory and affiliated Share House considering dormitory’s occupancy and various conditions of each student.
・Rent for several days in the previous month of student’s admission (basically a student arrives in Japan around the end of the previous month of admission) is charged to a student later on a per diem basis for dormitories operated by school. For affiliated property, rent on a per diem basis is charged to you and you pay in advance along with your tuition or pay the balance after entering to the property which depends on the rules of the agency and you follow them. The details will be informed to you beforehand.
・Living in our school dormitory is not necessarily mandatory, but our school have a limitation of area to reside for students. If you do not plan to live in our school dormitory, please inform school for permission beforehand.

Refund of Payment

① The application fee will be charged even if the Certificate of Eligibility is not issued, and the application fee will not be refunded.
② Your Certificate of Eligibility is issued, but if you do not apply for a visa and do not come to Japan, the application fee and cancellation fee (equivalent to entrance fee) will be charged. In addition, your Admission Certificate and Certificate of Eligibility must be returned to school.
③ If your visa is unfortunately not granted, all payment except the application fee and entrance fee will be refunded after you return your Admission Certificate to school and let us have a confirmation of rejection by Japan Embassy/Consulate.
④ If you decline entrance to our school before leaving for Japan despite obtaining a visa, all payment except the application fee and entrance fee will be refunded if we confirm your visa is unused and cancelled after you return your Admission Certificate to school. If you decline entrance to our school after obtaining student visa and arriving in Japan, no refund is available as a general rule.
⑤ Any expenses will not be refunded if a student leaves school after arriving in Japan with student visa and entering our school. In the event a student leaves school without completion for further education or employment, after school confirm it, tuitions for months enrolled and handling charge (amount which is lower, 50,000 yen or 20 % of the remaining tuition) shall be refunded.

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